March Edition - Setterquotes

By Mr. Kevin Setterholm, AP Human Geography Teacher

Hey, I believe in the Scouting program a lot. I am even an Eagle Scout. Boy Scouts has taught me many valuable lessons like 5 boys should never pee into the wind off the edge of a mountain at the same time. No I won’t demonstrate what happens, you will have to imagine.
I went into competitive swimming when I was in high [school] and continued into college. I stuck with it because it was such a clean sport.
There are a lot of handouts in this class because I like to eat ruffed grouse. Handouts are made of paper and paper comes from fallen trees. Grouse like young forests, so if trees get cut for paper there will be more grouse. The more grouse there are, the better the chance for me to kill one to eat. Do you see how all of this goes together? - it’s the circle of life.
All quotes provided by Mr. Setterholm.

All quotes provided by Mr. Setterholm.