Croissants - Flaky and Buttery Goodness From the French Bourgeoisie

By Nina Broberg

Croissant. The French and flaky dessert that is also fantastically hard to make. Despite how classy these glorified crescent rolls feel, they are pretty much solely butter. So much butter. Most recipes entail at least several hours between each step, so they require you to have lots of free time or a strong willingness to procrastinate your homework to pull this off. I was more than willing to procrastinate.

The first step was to actually make the dough… then rest it overnight. Next was to do one of four turns of folding the dough… then rest for an hour. After finishing all these folds the next step is to (bet you can’t guess what I’m going to say here)… rest the dough... for four hours. At long last, you finally cut and shape the French elitist pastries and get to bake them. Did I mention that before you even start to fold them, you add two entire sticks of butter to the dough? Because that’s what these heart-failure rolls call for. Of course, I can’t complain because the butter is what makes them so good.

I’m fairly happy with how they turned out, given my lack of experience with bread baking. I would recommend to keep these as a treat and not a common occurrence, both because of their negative health qualities and because of their intensity to make.

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Photo Credit: Nina Broberg

Photo Credit: Nina Broberg