Teacher Spotlight: Mr. Swedin

By Kaya Diebes & Abby Beddow

Photo Credit: Abby Beddow

Photo Credit: Abby Beddow

How long have you been teaching at Centennial?

“This would be 21 years.”

What classes do you teach?

“I have French at the high school and middle school, and I do yearbook at the high school.”

How many students are in yearbook?

“There are 24 of us.”

How do you get into the yearbook class, are there any special requirements?

Yearbook doesn't need a requirement, but it just asks that the student remembers that it’s a job to finish the yearbook.”

If you had to outline the process that goes into creating the yearbook, how would you describe it?

“The yearbook is over a year in the making.[…] This year's editors (which are seniors) really began back in April and May, and now they're going to finish out their tenure and show somebody knew how to do these things.”

What type of roles do the students take part in?

“We do everything. From students that are editors to students that discuss, design, and collaborate with each other about what goes into the yearbook. There are also students that get all of the details done like getting the stories and pictures. They also talk to students, teachers, and organizations in order to get things turned in and submitted to the yearbook.”


“Yearbook class is probably the one, if not the only class, that's actually a job where you physically produce a product paid for by students. Creating and working on the yearbook is something really cool because [...] you've made it and people actually buy it from you too.”