Teacher Spotlight: Office Edition

By Kaya Diebes & Abby Beddow

Six Word Memoirs

Left to right - Ms. Ramacher, Mrs. Diggins, Mrs. Jurchisin.  Thank you to all the Centennial staff for an amazing year!

Left to right - Ms. Ramacher, Mrs. Diggins, Mrs. Jurchisin.

Thank you to all the Centennial staff for an amazing year!

Flexibility, changes, goodbyes, laughter, tears. - Ms. Ramacher

Hours go slow. Years go fast. - Mr. Hegseth

2018-19 was a beautifully painful journey. - Mrs. Jurchisin

Fun! Football! Seniors! Boys of fall! - Mrs. Diggins

CHS, preparing you for what’s next. - Ms. Baland

Getting old; high-schoolers keep me young. - Ms. Baland

It has been a wild ride! - Mrs. Jansa

It’s been quite the journey, CHS. - Ms. Sibley

Interesting Stories of the Year

“I was one of many that were invited by one of our foreign exchange students to come watch a game on teacher/staff appreciation night for girls lacrosse. I want to say it was very fun and interesting to see someone take such cougar pride when not being from here. I enjoyed watching her get out there and try something new and foreign to her but do it all the same.  I love that Centennial is a place of opportunity for kids to get involved at any age or grade and skill level. Thank you Centennial kids!”

  • Mrs. Jurchisin

Painting by Cory Nardecchia.

Painting by Cory Nardecchia.

“Cory Nardecchia, a senior this year, made the office this painting, he’s been coming in everyday, asking us how our day has been since he was a freshman. He’ll be graduating this year and we’ll all miss him, He’s kind of like our office student mentor.”

  • Ms. Ramacher

“The Centennial football team beat Totino Grace this year, and that was, well, AMAZING! It’s always so fun to see our team bring home a win! It was just… AMAZING!”

  • Mrs. Diggins

“So once there was this kid that was gone for a long period of time, so I had to bring him in and talk to him about it. I learned that giving someone the evil eye tends to be quite effective. He came in and he said he was sick but then I gave him my evil eye and he folded right away. He was like ‘Ok! Ok! I was in Canada fishing with my dad. And I got this really big fish…’”

  • Ms. Sibley


Congratulations to all of our seniors! You truly do make Centennial High School a better place. Cougar Nation News wants to wish all of our seniors good luck on their upcoming years. We can’t wait to see you at graduation.

Senior class of 2019!

Senior class of 2019!