Movie Monthly: Shazam!

By Katelyn Smith & Ava Welsch

Picture Credit: Entertainment Weekly

Picture Credit: Entertainment Weekly

DC has finally produced a fairly good film. Shazam! is the origin story of the teenager turned superhero, Billy Batson. After Justice League, fans started to lose hope, but this wholesome, family-friendly movie is beginning to change our perception of DC. Though the story and message behind this movie was charming, it was predictable and didn’t have the same superhero feeling fans have come to love.

This movie was definitely more focused on a wholesome story instead of the action-packed two hours viewers expected. With all expectations aside, the casting was sensational. Zachary Levi, who got his start on the action/comedy movie Chuck, played Shazam very well with the perfect superhero look. The part of Freddy, played by Jack Dylan Grazer, was executed perfectly. The message of the story was adorable and centered around finding a family in unlikely places.

Though the movie had many positives, it was very predictable. Viewers were able to easily predict the ending from the first twenty minutes. There was also a lack of engaging fight scenes that are a staple in superhero movies, but the wholesome message that developed throughout the story made up for a portion of it.