Cool Pets and Me Rating Them

By Abby Beddow


Picture Cred: @sophia_spear

With these shades alone, this dog is cooler than the entire student population of Centennial high school.

Rating: 11/10


Picture Credit: @jadess_finstaaa

@jadess_finstaaa, your dog looks like she wants you to follow him on an adventure; go with her.

Rating: 10/10


Picture Credit: @jilli.schxtz

@jilli.schxtz, why is she so scared? What horrors is she looking at? What does she know?

Rating: 10.5/10


Picture Credit: @cosmos.boii

This chunky cat looks like it’s up to no good. But, he’s too cute to be mad at.

Rating: 11/10


Picture Credit: @grace.mikke

What a wholesome sight; two dogs being friends, playing in the snow.

Rating: 10/10