January Edition - Setterquotes

By Mr. Kevin Setterholm, AP Human Geography Teacher

Hey, you should be nicer to her. Someday she may be your boss and she will remember how you just made her feel.
My grandpa often told me “be nice to people on your way up in the world, because you will be meeting the same people on the way down.” From my own experience I believe that this is true so you should practice it.
There are tissues over by the window to help you deal with your testing issues.
Use those paper towels over there to wipe your eyes. Don’t let your tears ruin your Scantron sheet.
I took a course in adolescent psychology in college and I learned that what you two are doing right now is called flirting.
Before you ask her to marry you, you should spend a week in the Boundary Waters and if you still get along, you know that she is the right women. The woman that I have been married to for 28 years survived a week in the wilderness with me and we now have two great children, so I know that it works.
Trust me, the AP test is real easy. When I made this key this morning I ended up getting all of the answers right.
All quotes provided by Mr. Kevin Setterholm.

All quotes provided by Mr. Kevin Setterholm.