Real or Artificial Christmas Trees?

By Katelyn Smith

During the holiday season, there are two kinds of people, the real Christmas tree kind and the artificial Christmas tree kind, but which is better?

Real trees are a great way for a family to spend a day together. Going to get the tree, then tying it to the roof of the car, and finally taking it home and decorating it helps family members bond with each other (and the tree!). Real trees also give your home that classic Christmas smell that can’t quite be matched with any candle or air freshener.

Artificial trees are a great, no-hassle option for the busy Christmas enthusiast. Unlike real trees they won’t shed their needles, and don’t need to be watered. Some come pre lit , which makes setup much easier. Of course, going out and getting it won’t be a family activity, but decorating can be!

Each view has been presented, now you decide! Will you be going to a store or a tree farm this holiday season?