Mr. Broberg on Science Olympiad

By Kaya Diebes & Abby Beddow

How long have you been teaching at Centennial?

“This will be my eighth year.”

What classes do you teach?

“Mostly physics. I’ve taught chemistry, astronomy, and physical science as well.”

What do you think the best part of teaching is?

“Best part of teaching is working with the students in the class, just getting to know all sorts of different people that have different characteristics. I enjoy teaching physics most of all because you get to do fun demos and stuff like that. There’s things that just seem odd that we don’t experience on a day to day basis that are really, really cool.”

How many students are in science olympiad?

“So, there are 13 students in science olympiad.”

What other teachers teach science olympiad?

“So our coaches are myself, Mr. Poppleton, who teaches chemistry for the most part and physical science, and Ms. Houle, who will be back next semester.”

When does the science olympiad compete?

“Our competition happens in February. Our first regional competition is February ninth.”

What is the best part of science olympiad?

“The best part is getting to see the students come up with their own ideas and learn things for their events that they normally wouldn’t be able to in a regular science classroom. They get to go deeper and they get to make their own inventions, create things using their hands and their minds.”

Any comments or notes you’d like to add?

“This is our second year running science olympiad, and we’re just basically getting started but the people that are on, or that have competed last year have all returned this year. They did really, really awesome last year. We’ve gotten comments from a number of other science olympiad coaches that, having a team that has gone to state the previous year, being our first year competing, is very unusual. That all just goes to the students that have participated last year, they did an awesome job. We’ve got a lot of people with strong skills, and they’re interested, they’re working very hard, so I’m very hopeful for this year.”