Clark Griswald Christmas Dummy

By Bradley Short

In Austin, Texas, Chris Heerlien decided to recreate one of the scenes from his favorite Christmas movie, “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation”. For the setup, he featured Clark Griswold hanging from his roof, unable to reach his ladder. After one day of being put up outside the house, Alfred Norwood Jr. got out of his car, and tried to come to the aid of the man he thought was stuck on top of the roof. As recorded on a security camera out front, you can hear him screaming “Can you reach it?”, while frantically trying to find a way to get him down. After hollering to the dummy with no replies, he later left to the street where he called the local authorities for help. After Chris Heerlein figured out what happened, he tried his best to track down Norwood in order to thank him for his selfless deed, and to tell him that the person he saw hanging off of the roof, was actually a dummy.

“Alfred is a veteran and it was his instinct.” Heelien told CNN. Alfred later revealed that he thought the dummy was electrocuted, therefore that’s why he wasn’t responding.  A police officer came to the door after several calls had been made about a man hanging from his roof while trying to put up Christmas lights. To avoid this mishap from happening in the future, Heerlien put a sign up under his Christmas display writing “Clark G. hanging above is part of our Christmas display.” also adding, “Please don’t call 911.”

In the end, Heerlien bought the veteran a five-hundred dollar gift card for groceries, as well as a chili of the month subscription, which is seemingly fitting because in the movie, Griswold’s boss gave him a jelly of the month subscription.