3 Ways Animals can Improve Your Health

By Noelle Flaschberger

More than likely, you or someone you know owns a pet. There is such a wide variety of animals that can be pets.. Whether it’s a cat, dog, bird or hamster, what most people don’t know is that they can be beneficial to your health. For instance, a dog needs to go on walks, which requires you to go outside, and as a result, you exercise. Here are 3 ways animals can improve your health:

  1. One of the main, and most common, ways animals can improve your health is  helping lower your stress levels, especially cats. Cats have a calming nature to them that reduces stress levels in a person. This can lower the chance of being diagnosed with  cardiovascular diseases by 30%.

  2. Goldfish, surprisingly, have a huge benefit on your health. Even though you don’t touch them and all they do is sit in a tank, watching goldfish can help improve your appetite. According to Purdue University studies, goldfish can help your food consumption by 17%.

  3. Almost any animal can help with the ever growing problem of depression. Depression can affect the way someone acts, speaks, and how they perceive how people think of them and the world. Having a pet, even if it is just a small hamster, can reduce this risk, or help you with it. A pet provides companionship and sense of importance to a lot of people. Pets are some of the best friends you will ever have.