Tech Time - CAPTCHA

By Maggie Zeppelin

Have you ever had to sign into a website and it makes you check the box saying that you’re not a robot? That program is called CAPTCHA, which is a website security system used to ensure that the user is human. This helps avoid spam and computer bots.


This popular security system may be unprepared for what technology has in store today. This may be old news because computer scientists at Lancaster University, UK;  Northwest University, China; and Peking University, China have created an AI (artificial intelligence) that can solve a CAPTCHA on a desktop computer within 0.05 seconds. It processes quickly using General Adversarial Network (GAN).

This is a very scary time due to the fact that this security system may no longer work. For some websites, this may be the only security system they use, leaving them vulnerable to attack. Attacks can range from spam messages to even forging user identities. Since the CAPTCHA system is no longer secure, it has been recommended to websites that are using CAPTCHA to stop, and use multiple other forces of security. Other forces can be biometric information or device location.