Teacher Spotlight with Choir Directors

By Kaya Diebes and Abby Beddow


How long have you been teaching at Centennial?

“This is my 18th year [at Centennial].”-Ms. Enwright

“I’ve been [at Centennial] for 12 years.”-Mr. Schlidt

How many students are in choir?

“I’d say there are about 385 students in choir. That’s all grades.”-Ms. Enwright

When does the choir perform?

“They’re performing at the State Convention this year. It’s the biggest one they could do. It’s a big deal.”-Ms. Enwright & Mr. Schlidt

“In addition to the State Convention, we do four other major concerts throughout the year, with the spring concert being our kind of grand finale.”-Ms. Enwright

“We also perform at the Northwest Suburban Music Festival and Una Voce, another festival.”-Ms. Enwright

Where is the choir trip going this year?

“So, over spring break we’re going to London. I’ve never been there before so I’m really excited.”-Ms. Enwright

Where are you going to perform?

“We’re going to sing with another high school choir while we’re there. It’s like an exchange choir.”-Ms. Enwright

“We also get to perform at the king’s chapel. It’s a very special performance because we had to get permission to perform there.”-Ms. Enwright

“Along with those performances, we’re going to have a performance of our own.”-Ms. Enwright

When and how long is the trip?

“So, we’ll leave on the Sunday at the beginning of spring break and come back the following Saturday.”-Mr. Schlidt

“It’ll be a total of six days.”-Ms. Enwright

In your opinion, what is the best part of Choir?

“People come from all sorts of different places and groups. We make close bonds through making music.”-Ms. Enwright

“Yeah, I agree. I would say camaraderie.”-Mr. Schlidt

“Another thing I’d say is that the music we sing, the words we sing, evokes strong emotion within the singer. The music can connect to something in their life.”-Mr. Schlidt

“Another thing I like about choir is that I get to know the students all throughout high school, and watch them change as a person and singer.”-Ms. Enwright

Notes from Ms. Enwright

“We really do appreciate all the students in choir, and when they work hard I’m so motivated to do my best as a teacher.”-Ms. Enwright

People who make music together cannot be enemies, at least not while the music lasts.
— Paul Hindemith