Robin Hood

By Katelyn Smith and Ava Welsch

This new thriller/action movie is an homage to the bedtime stories we hear as little kids. In the brand new Robin Hood movie, Robin of Loxley is played by the talented actor Taron Egerton, who played Eggsy in the recent Kingsman movies. His accomplice is played by the famous Jamie Foxx, and Robin Hood’s love interest is played by the beautiful Eve Hewson.


The movie barely resembles the original story. It’s incoherent plot makes it awkward to follow and is an insult to the audience. One is expected to be awed by the intense violence and action, but the lack of a solid storyline and frankly unsatisfying fight scenes makes it practically unbearable.

There was, however, one well done piece of this movie. The love story was fantastic; it was unpredictable and ended in a satisfying way for the audience.

Also, the inattention to detail is staggering. Not only is it horribly inaccurate historically, but one of the characters wore drawstring sweatpants and a button-down! Keep in mind, this movie is based during The Crusades which happened 800 years ago; drawstring pants and button-down shirts were surely not invented. In the movie, Robin is drafted to join the crusade, but in reality people volunteered to fight for their beliefs. The lack of historical facts in this movie makes it almost impossible to watch.

I feel truly sorry for the great actors that participated in this movie. The awful storyline and failure to make it historically accurate in the slightest way is proof that it was dumbed down to appease audiences. Exploding random things isn’t what makes a movie great.

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