Paris Protests

By Abby Beddow

Over the past several weeks France has experienced one of its biggest uprising in its modern history. Since the beginning of November, thousands of French citizens have taken to the streets throwing their country into turmoil.

Originally, the protesters, dubbed les gilets jaunes or the “yellow vests”, began their rioting over a nearly 20% tax increase for diesel supposedly at the beginning of the new year. However, with such a violent public backlash, the tax increase was permanently shelved.

Even if the increase was avoided, the riots showed no sign of stopping. The French citizens were angry, and the tax had been merely the spark that lit the fire.

One group included in the protests are the students of France, challenging new changes to French university systems. According to, “About 100 high schools were fully or partially blockaded around the country.” Many teenagers have been arrested by French authorities, to which thousands of other students in Paris knelt on the ground with their hands over their heads as a show of unity against the police.

Along with students, many people are fighting president Macron for increased minimum wage and against the planned tax increase for low-income pensioners. While that specific tax increase has been canceled along with a tax on overtime pay, Macron has refused to tax the very rich citizens of France, earning him the nickname “president of the rich”. Some people won’t be satisfied until Macron is removed from office.