Elections 2018 - Minnesota US House, Senate, and Gubernatorial

By Bill Phan

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Minnesota’s general election will take place on November 6th, with all eight US Congress seats, both US Senate seats and the governor’s mansion up for grabs. Let’s dive into the huge pool of candidates and incumbents to see what they are saying about the big issues of our time.


Tim Walz:

Party: DFL.

Supports: veterans’ benefits, abortion rights,  jobs creation and assistance to blue collar workers and farmers.

Jeff Johnson:

Party: Republican.

Supports: Tax cuts, government accountability, fighting meth addiction, the right to life, the 2nd Amendment and limits on immigration.

Rating: Likely DFL by the Cook Political Report, Inside Elections and Politico. Lean DFL by RealClearPolitics and Fox News.


Amy Klobuchar (incumbent):

Party: DFL.

Supports: The right to choose, LGBTQ+ rights, combating cyberbullying and decriminalization of cannabis.

Jim Newberger:

Party: Republican.

Supports: Cutting and simplifying taxes, deficit reduction, protecting Social Security, the right to life and the 2nd Amendment.

Rating: Solid DFL by Politico and the Cook Political Report.

Senate Special

Tina Smith (incumbent);

Party: Republican.

Supports: Closing the gender pay gap, supporting working families, a Medicare for All system, strengthening unions, preventing gun violence and LGBTQ+ rights.

Karin Housley:

Party: DFL.

Supports: Lower taxes, responsible mining, free trade, immigration reform, protecting Social Security and the 2nd Amendment.


Minnesota’s 1st Congressional District

Dan Feehan:

Party: DFL.

Supports: Universal healthcare, infrastructure funding, immigration reform and comprehensive system of K-12 education.

Jim Hagedorn:

Party: Republican.

Supports: The 2nd Amendment, tax cuts, corporate regulation, repealing and replacing the Affordable Care Act and the right to life.

Rating: Toss-up by Politico and the Cook Political Report.

Minnesota’s 2nd Congressional District

Jason Lewis (incumbent):

Party: Republican.

Supports: Tax cuts, deficit reduction, the right to life, state authority and deregulation over cannabis.

Angie Craig:

Party: DFL.

Supports: Creating jobs, regulating corporations, supporting small businesses, job training, universal healthcare, slowing climate change and immigration reform.

Rating: Lean DFL by Political and Cook Political Report.

Minnesota’s 3rd Congressional District

Erik Paulsen (incumbent):

Party: Republican.

Supports: Tax reform, jobs creation, raising wages, immigration reform and gun rights.

Dean Phillips:

Party: DFL.

Supports: Affordable healthcare, tax incentives for small businesses, updating education, fiscal responsibility, immigration reform, veteran support and equal work for equal pay.

Rating: Lean DFL by Cook Political Report and Politico.

Minnesota’s 4th Congressional District

Betty McCollum (incumbent):

Party: DFL.

Supports: White House accountability, immigration reform, banning assault weapons, strengthening background checks, K-12 funding and combating climate change.

Greg Ryan:

Party: Republican.

Supports: 2nd Amendment, strengthening border security, deregulation, veteran support, more power to states and protecting Social Security and Medicare.

Rating: Lean DFL by the Cook Political Report and Politico.

Minnesota’s 5th Congressional District

Ilhan Omar:

Party: DFL.

Supports: Medicare for All, debt-free college, election regulation, reducing inequality, strengthening LGBTQ+ rights and abolishing the Immigration Customs Enforcement agency (ICE).

Jennifer Zielinski:

Party: Republican.

Supports: Educational equality, strengthening borders, preventing tax hikes, legalization and decriminalization of marijuana and strengthening US-Israeli relations.

Minnesota’s 6th Congressional District

Tom Emmer (incumbent):

Party: Republican.

Supports: The right to life, corporate tax cuts, restricting same-sex marriage and LGBTQ+ rights, infrastructure and security funding and deficit reduction.

Ian Todd:

Party: DFL.

Supports: Rooting out corruption, regulating elections, combating climate change, strengthening unions, Medicare for All, infrastructure funding and LGBTQ+ right.

Rating: Solid Republican by Politico.

Minnesota’s 7th Congressional District

Colin Peterson (incumbent):

Party: DFL (conservative).

Supports: the right to life, gun rights, tax cuts and immigration reform.

Dave Hughes:

Party: Republican.

Supports: Stronger borders, cracking down on sanctuary cities, the right to life, the 2nd Amendment, free trade, education funding, healthcare reform and veterans’ benefits.

Rating: Likely DFL by Politico and the Cook Political Report.

Minnesota’s 8th Congressional District

Joe Radinovich:

Party: DFL.

Supports: Protecting Social Security and Medicare, transparent elections, skills and job training, family leave, public education, the right to choose and infrastructure funding.

Pete Sauber:

Party: Republican.

Supports: The 2nd Amendment, the right to life, tax reform and taking care of active and retired military and their families.

Rating: Lean Republican by Politico and the Cook Political Report.