Teacher Spotlight with Band Directors

By Kaya Diebes and Abby Beddow

Mr. Keen and Mrs. Weiland

Mr. Keen and Mrs. Weiland

What sports/occasions does the FMB play for?

“The marching band plays at home football games and the indoor concerts.” -Mr. Kuehn

How many people are in the FMB?

Everybody in band that are in grades 10-12.”

“There are about 195 students in the marching band this year.” -Ms. Weiland

Where is the band trip going this spring break? When is it?

We will land in Madrid, and then after that we’ll through northern Spain. We’ll go along the Pyrenees mountains, and then end in Barcelona.”

“The trip lasts a total of nine days over spring break.”

-Mr. Kuehn & Ms. Weiland

Have you taught anywhere else besides CHS? If so, where?

“Before Centennial I taught at Rush City.” -Mr.Kuehn

“I taught in Menahga, Minnesota.” -Ms. Weiland

How long have you been teaching at CHS?

“This year would be my second year.” -Mr. Kuehn

“This year is my 28th year of teaching.” -Ms. Weiland

Can people who weren’t in band freshman year still join fall marching band? If so how?

“If the person played in middle school and has a decent amount of skills then they can join, but they really have to go all in. It’s a lot of playing and a lot of music.”

“If you want to rejoin [band] you’ll have to come and see us. You’ll have to demonstrate your skills. I don’t want to say it’s necessarily a performance, but more like a skills assessment.”

-Mr. Kuehn & Ms. Weiland

What is the best part of highschool band?

“If I had to pick just one thing I would say that class is always fun, every single day.” -Mr. Kuehn

“Class really is always fun, it’s very engaging. It’s the sort of place where you leave everything at the door, and get new experiences. Band class is nothing like your other classes.” -Ms. Weiland

Notes from the band directors.

“It’s always about great music and great experiences.”

“It can be hard but you can always improve.”

-Ms. Weiland & Mr. Kuehn