Puerto Rico’s Affiliation with the United States

By Bradley Short

Puerto Rico, a commonwealth of the United States, is in favour of becoming the fifty-first state. According to CNN, “Over 97% of the votes are in favor of statehood” and there is an “Overwhelming support for Puerto Rico statehood referendum”.

The New York Times states, “More than 5 million Puerto Ricans live all around the United States”. This shows that a lot of Puerto Ricans are already adjusted to living in the United States, and not only do the people want to join, but it would also improve the United States and Puerto Rico.


If Puerto Rico was to become a state, it would improve the United States economy as well as theirs. Jobs in Puerto Rico would also increase the products that are produced yearly in the United States, and according to CNN, “As a state, Puerto Rico would contribute two billion dollars to the United States each year”. All of this money would come from taxes, product revenue, and tourism. Since the hurricane, tourism in Puerto Rico has suffered, but according to CNN, “Tourists flocked to the island for Easter, Passover and spring break vacations in record numbers, according to The Puerto Rico Tourism Company, a San Juan promoter for tourism on the island.”

Adding them as a state would also improve their quality of life because their current health care is inferior to the United States’. By Puerto Rico joining, it would not only improve their healthcare, but also give them access to more medicine increasing their life expectancy. Improving all of these factors, people would feel safer to live in and make Puerto Rico a much more tourist friendly destination.

An american flag with fifty-one stars

An american flag with fifty-one stars

As a commonwealth, Puerto Rico has the United States currency, citizenship, and common language. By them joining, it would affect a lot, the pros of them blending into the United States outweigh the cons of them not. Many say that adding them would cost the United States a fortune, but the United States are already paying Puerto Rico aid for the hurricane. Henceforth, the people of Puerto Rico want to join the United States and them joining would improve our economy, while enhancing the quality of life.