Centennial's First Speech Meet of the Year

By Eliza Hagstrom

Senior, Izzy Raleigh has been in speech all four years in the discussion category. This year she is one of the four captains of the team, the other three are Sophie Anderson (senior), Luke Whitney (senior) and Michael Munson (junior). For those that do not know, speech is made up of a many different competition categories that all focus on different styles and genres of speaking, so there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Raleigh described being in discussion: “You go into a room with normally seven other people and you sit down.  They are given a task to resolve and the people make an agenda and go through and answer questions about the task. You have one hour to do this. It’s similar to debate and this year’s topic (they change each year) is the movement of people: immigration. The topics are usually pretty political. Last year it was national security vs. civil liberty  and the year before was America's image abroad.”

The Denfield Tournament in Duluth was on February 3rd. The team traveled to the event night before and stayed in a hotel. This was the team’s first meet and the overnight stay. According to sophomore, Natalie Hagstrom, this makes  the experience “100 times better because we got to have fun and meet new people.”

Centennial came in third at this meet, better than the team performed last year, particularly in the discussion category.  Raleigh won in discussion, and Jami Wedll (junior) and Elizabeth Gorton (sophomore) both “honor finaled.” It was also Gorton’s first year in speech, so “honor finaling” is a great accomplishment.

In the drama category Eden Wells (junior), Zoe Eicher (sophomore) and Karina Resler (freshman) all “honor finaled” in that category as well. In the extemporaneous reading category, Mia Troska (sophomore), Ashley Peterson (junior) , Sophie Anderson (senior) and Hannah Olson (junior) “honor finaled” too.   These are just some of the people who performed well at Duluth. An iPoll survey of the speech team revealed that so far this year has been really fun experience for the people on the team, but speech isn't just fun. It boosts confidence while public speaking, a skill most people will use through their lives, and brings people together with a common goal to succeed.

Raleigh also says that speech team makes students more supportive of one another, prepares them for college, encourages an outgoing atmosphere, and helps students listen to the ideas and values of others. Anyone who is debating on joining the team is encouraged to because it will provide many more opportunities and it is an accepting environment.