Tips and Tricks for Incoming Freshmen

By Kaya Diebes

School is up and running once again. With the first day out of the way, it’s time to prepare for the rest of the year.

Cougar Nation News staff interviewed sophomores about what they would have liked to have known during the first few months of their freshman year at Centennial High School. After the interviews were concluded, Cougar Nation News staff came up with a list of tips and tricks for incoming freshmen:

Always make sure to balance school and extracurriculars; although, don’t be too worried about late work. Ask for extensions. Teachers are more flexible than you might think.
— Bill Phan
Make sure to have fun and get involved! Find a club or sport that you care about and do it. Also, upperclassmen were in your place, too. Don’t be afraid of them; they want to help you!
— Cecilia Vanzyl
It’s always nice to make sure you have a friend in every class that you can partner with for work, so introduce yourself to other people. Make new friends.
— Abby Beddow
Designating time just to study is very helpful. However, you also need some free time, so designate some time for that as well. Having a consistent time set aside to study makes preparing for a test so much easier.
— Katelyn Smith
Try combining a couple of classes into one bigger notebook or folder. It makes your backpack a lot lighter when you don’t have to carry around as much stuff. You probably don’t need a notebook and a folder for every single class
— Kaya Diebes
Stay on top of your homework (especially if you are taking honors or AP classes) and make study groups with your friends.
— Saffron Vanderpoel
Of course, most importantly, watch out for doors in the hallway.
— Mckenna Keen

The one thing that came up again and again throughout each interview was to make sure to get involved with events at school. Whether it’s playing a sport, going to dances, or joining the endless amounts of clubs . The year is as fun as you make it.