Teacher Spotlight - Q & A With Mr. Ripken

By Kaya Diebes and Abby Beddow


How long have you been a teacher at the high school?

“I have been working at Centennial High School for approximately 15 years. Before I was offered this job I was actually a substitute teacher here, at the school, for a few years.”

What classes do you teach?

“I usually teach 10th-grade world history and 9th-grade human geography. Although, I have taught AP world history in the past.”

How long have you been doing this annual trip?

“The New Zealand trip this year will be the fourth trip that we’ve done so far."

What have been some of your favorite places so far?

“Some of my favorite places were definitely South of Banon, France where we went on pontoons and then we went cliff jumping. Two other places I enjoyed were Santorini and Mykonos, Greece.”

Generally when is the trip and how long does it last?

“This year’s trip is in mid-July. It usually happens in July, but the dates usually get moved around a bit.”

Do you have any places in mind for future trips?

“I usually let the students come up with ideas about where to take upcoming trips. I know a few of the places they came up with were Japan, possibly Iceland, and the Galápagos Islands.”

What are some highlights from past trips?

  • Walking the beaches of Normandy

  • The Coliseum catacomb

  • The Greek islands

  • The top of Acropolis

  • Walking the beaches and swimming in the water.

Mr. Ripken wanted to add:

  • The trip is useful for learning how to travel at a young age.

  • It’s fun to do with friends.

  • It’s always a good time.

  • There’s the possibility for college credit.

  • The trip is something you’ll never forget.