T-Rex Cookie Review

By Katelyn Smith

With a giant coffee mug jutting out of the side of the building, how can any sleep-deprived person not stumble into T-Rex Cookie? However, when they walk in they will be surprised to find the overwhelming smell: cookies.

T-Rex Cookie is on University Avenue in Minneapolis. The atmosphere they’ve created is extremely eye-catching, with T-Rex statues and decorations peppering the cafe.

They have seating for everyone, couches for people who want to hang out, tables for those who need to work or have a meeting, and a counter so customers can look out the window and take in the beautiful Minneapolis scenery.

As perfect as the atmosphere is, the cookies are even better. They have everything from a classic chocolate chip to even a dill pickle cookie! My order landed a little in the middle, an oreo caramel cookie and a s’mores cookie. The oreo caramel was fantastic, the caramel was soft and chewy, and the Oreos were a fun, delicious touch; the Oreos were what made it amazing, they paired perfectly with the caramel, and were actually soft,  The s’mores was equally as delicious, and every bite truly felt like I was sitting in front of the campfire eating a s’more. The marshmallow was chewy and paired well with the graham cracker-like cookie. All of their cookies are perfectly baked, crunchy and crumbly around the edge, but soft and chewy on the inside.

The flavors they come up with are not necessarily typical cookies found in any bakery or cafe. On their website blog, they explain they experiment with different cookie ingredients and ideas with the expectation that they might fail. They spoke particularly about their chocolate chirp cookie that featured crickets with chocolate chips. “We created the Chocolate Chirp cookie! Novelty? Yes. Bestseller? Nope. But now we know.” They are able to have fun with their cookies because they are fine with the prospect of failure, and as a customer, I am very thankful for this, without this philosophy they may not have ever made my favorite oreo caramel cookie.