Summer Travels

By Abby Beddow

It’s September already; the days are getting shorter, and the nights longer. As we start to bring out the sweaters and leggings for the chilly autumn air and scramble to find our new classes this year, let’s reminisce about the warmer months, and remember the good times we had traveling with our family and friends.

Bell Bronson began her summer with a trip to Duluth, Minnesota. Although it is close to home, Duluth is definitely not a sight to miss. Bronson stated that her favorite experience in Duluth was “renting multiple-person bikes and biking around the venue.” Duluth is a beautiful port city, with great hiking trails, and scenic views that stay just as alluring all year-round. When asked what she would suggest people do while in Duluth, Bronson said, “go to the ‘Great! Lakes Candy Kitchen.’ The Great Lakes Candy Kitchen is a super small candy shop right on the scenic route of Knife River. The shop has a counter with tons of different types of chocolate, taffy and every type of old-school candy you can think of, it also has an outdoor area next to it with picnic tables, hammocks and a path for younger kids to walk through! It’s definitely a picture-perfect spot.”  

Maxine Koshiol took a trip to Minnesota’s easterly sister state, Wisconsin, over the summer. “The sunsets every night are gorgeous and the lakes are beautiful, and everyone there is incredibly nice.” Wisconsin is a charming state. Even though it looks much like Minnesota it is still an amazing place to visit. Koshiol stated that her favorite part of Wisconsin was “going kayaking and going on a sailboat tour on Lake Michigan.”

Further east, the state New York is one of the most diverse places in the United States. Alexa Owens made her way there this summer, and claimed it to be “a life-changing experience.” When asked where she would suggest other people to go in New York, she said, “stop at Lake Ontario, go to as many parks as you can. The sights are beautiful, the people are so incredibly nice and if you get the chance, go to Niagara Falls!”

Over in the western desert, Alyssa Schumacher went on a vacation to Utah. Utah is a gorgeous state with amazing wildlife and nature. According to Schumacher, “Make sure to get up early for at least one sunrise. Do some of the harder hikes, because it’s usually the harder the hike, the better the view.” Utah is definitely an amazing place to visit and you can enjoy lovely hiking trails. Schumacher says that her most memorable experience was, “Hiking the Narrows in Zion National Park. The hike is inside a canyon with cliffs going up on either side, and you have to hike through the river most of the way.”

For a change of scenery, just one state over is Nevada, home to one of the biggest cities in America... Las Vegas. Bill Phan went to Las Vegas in June of this summer with his family and had an amazing time, “Have fun and think about whether you should rent a car. Las Vegas is pretty walking-friendly. Take a lot of pictures. If you’re underage, it’s obviously harder to find stuff to do, but if you dig deep enough, there are enough PG things to do.” Las Vegas is known for its casinos, but even if that isn’t your style you can still find great shows or sites to see.

Photo Credit: Alessandra Murillo

Photo Credit: Alessandra Murillo

The U.S. has a plethora of unique sights that can’t be replicated anywhere else in the world. However, a trip to Europe is definitely one to remember. Alessandra Murillo took a cross-country vacation to Europe going to England, France and Italy. Not many people get the opportunity to travel to Europe, but if anyone gets the chance  Murillo suggests, “ London has some of the nicest people and the greatest views, make sure to stop and eat some authentic fish and chips. Paris has The Eiffel Tower so take some pictures that could last a lifetime. Take a tour of Pompeii, the area could teach you a lot about the city’s first people and their innovations and living.”  When asked what her most memorable experiences in Europe were, Murillo said, “Riding a double-decker bus and viewing the area from a bird's eye view from London's Shard. Visiting the Eiffel Tower in Paris, and taking fun pictures. Pompeii had great historic architecture and volcanic ruins.”

Whether it is to Duluth, Minnesota or Pompeii, Italy seeing the sights of the world is an amazing experience for anyone.