Meet our new Assistant Principal, Mrs. Marshall

By Abby Beddow and Bradley Short

How was it moving from the middle school to the high school?

She was an assistant principal for eight years at Centennial Middle School. “It's been exciting and a big learning curve.”

What made you decide to go onto the career path of education?


She always knew she wanted to be in the field of education. She once thought she wanted to be a curriculum director, but she later found that she wants to work in schools so she can work with adults and kids. She likes that she has worked with kids of all ages, and she enjoyed elementary very much, but so far she has liked working here because she has seen some students that she had already known in middle school go into the high school.

What will you be doing at Centennial High School?

Working with special ed teachers, as well as the students. She also works on safety and security of both buildings and is working with officer Ramirez.

Have you worked in another district?

Before going into administration, she was a third-grade teacher at Centerville. She liked to be a teacher but enjoyed being an administrator more.