This Is Halloween! ...Or is it Christmas? - A Nightmare Before Christmas Inquiry

By Ava Welsch and Katelyn Smith


What’s this? What’s this? We have no idea. The Nightmare before Christmas is a classic family movie directed by spooky genius Tim Burton. Since this movie is so iconic, it presents the age old question: is it meant to be a spooky October flick or a joyful December film? We’ll let you decide.

During Christmas, as Jack Skellington says, there’s magic in the air. When Jack goes to Christmas Town in search of something more out of his dreadful existence, he becomes overwhelmingly obsessed with Christmas (the magic in the air) and can’t wait to bring his findings back to Halloween Town, inevitably centering the movie entirely around the feeling of Christmas and Jack’s experiments into what exactly that is. It also demonstrates the dramatic character change and realization that everyone is perfect just the way they are, which happens in every exceptional classic Christmas movie. This is the perfect movie to watch in December with a cup of steaming hot cocoa to understand the true meaning of Christmas and spread the love.

Though the movie is centered around the mysteriously magical idea of Christmas, it ultimately takes place in Halloween Town, the factory of all things spooky. Yes, the terrifying characters of the realm are desperately trying to make Christmas happen, but with their only knowledge of it being from Jack Skellington, and the fact that all of them simply just want to scare people, their efforts turn into a truly horrifyingly amusing attempt, ultimately ending with The Pumpkin King’s downfall, literally. Not only does everything turn ghastly, but in the closing of the movie Jack realizes that he loves being a spine-chilling skeleton and having the power to scare even the bravest of the brave.This movie is also directed by Tim Burton! He is the spookiest of all the spooky, having directed Frankenweenie, Edward ScissorHands and Sleepy Hollow. If he was the mastermind behind this, then it is definitely a movie for an eerie October night.

The arguments have been made, now you choose! Will you be watching this on Halloween night or Christmas morning? In our opinion, your best bet is watching it in the middle of November.