What You May Have Missed This Month

By Eliza Hagstrom

Dottie James change my life youtube series:


YouTuber Dottie James started a series on her chanel where she is changing her life in one year. She is doing this by reading every day, taking care of her mental health and setting weekly goals in a weekly video where she updates about her week and progress. These videos are not for views; she shares her journey to inspire others.  Dottie writes poems and short stories, creates artsy videos on her chanel and features Ted Talks.

The Sims developer is working on a game about memories:

Will Wright, who designed the Sims games, is now working on a new project. The mobile game, Proxi, is based entirely on past memories. With games such as SimCity, The Sims and Spore, Wright has created games that are abstract and science experiments before. However, this one seems to be the most abstract one yet. In  his announcement video, he says “this is, in some sense, a game of self discovery”. Wright and Gallium Artists are launching the Proxi Art Challenge where artists can submit their art and win an interview with Wright and the Proxi team, and could potentially be hired as  Proxis 3D artist.


Panic! At The Disco released two new songs and a tour:

Panic!s last album was released on  January 15, 2016, and since then the group has lost another member, Dallon Weekes, who started another band. They then hired a new bassist, Nicole Row. The two new songs are Say Amen (Saturday Night) and  (F*ck A) Silver Lining.They are going on tour this summer with Hayley Kiyoko and Arizona.

Dallon Weekes from Panic! At The Disco  makes a new band with ex Falling In Reverse drummer Ryan Seaman:


“I Don’t Know How But They Found Me” is the new band, but unlike other groups, they are not being flashy or spreading the word about themselves much. Dallon described it as a short of secret band; those paying attention will see it and those who do not will miss out. They do not have an album yet, but only a few songs. These songs have a sarcastic or satirical edge to them, these songs include “choke” and  “Modern day Cain”and one only on YouTube making fun of concert goers with “The Opening Band.”