Music Monthly

By Megan Strang

Music has evolved and changed over the course of history. Here’s a look at my personal favorite throwback album from 1989.

Bleach by Nirvana was the debut studio album released on June 15, 1989. The recording of the album took  place through December of 1988 to January of 1989 at Reciprocal Recording in Seattle, Washington. Bleach failed to reach the top Billboard 200 chart when it was first released, but in 1992 it was re-released worldwide by Geffen Records following Nirvana’s second album, Nevermind.  The re-release hit number eighty-nine on the US Billboard 200 chart but was number thirty-three on the UK’s Albums Chart. Flash forward to the year 2009, the recording company, Sub Pop, released a twentieth-anniversary edition of Bleach, featuring live recordings of the songs from the album. Bleach by Nirvana has almost sold over two million copies in the United States alone.                                                                      

The first single released was “Love Buzz” under Sub Pop in November of 1988. It is said that Nirvana spent around two or three weeks preparing a full-length album recording took place at Reciprocal Recording. Nirvana recorded again through December 29-31, 1988 and January 14-24, 1989 to create three new songs, “Floyd The Barber”, “Paper Cuts”, and “Downer”. Lead singer, Kurt Cobain, felt pressured to create songs for the album. Bleach was the album that blew up the new, grunge style of the Seattle area. Cobain claimed that he wrote the lyrics the night before recording because he was stressed and angry about the process of recording. One of the songs on the album, ‘Negative Creep’ features Cobain's frantic wails and screaming on top of a repetitious and heavy grunge riff. The song explains how Cobain was feeling about recording the album. Nirvana’s members of Bleach include Kurt Cobain, Krist Novoselic, and Chad Channing.