Study Tips

By Katelyn Smith

As finals are quickly approaching, students’ main activity is studying, studying, and more studying. If you don’t know how to adequately prepare yourself, it can be very stressful. The Cougar News Network Staff has compiled some tips that will hopefully take your stress level down a few notches.

  • Organize your study space. An organized area typically equals an organized brain!

  • Take regular breaks. Your brain needs breaks! You wouldn’t workout your muscles for five hours straight so why work your brain for that long?

  • Turn the information you’re studying into a story. I bet most people can remember the plot line of Cinderella, so organizing all the material into a story can help you retain it.

  • Set up a reward system for yourself. Give yourself something to work for! For example, after you finish studying one chapter reward yourself with candy.

  • Teach or explain it to someone else. Teachers know the subject they teach better than anyone else, that’s because to teach something you have to become an expert on it.