Social Media: Love or Loathe

By Kaya Diebes


Many adults think that teenagers are addicted to or can not live without social media. But how many students actually think social media is a good thing? By doing a survey of students at Centennial High School, the CHS News staff discovered just how many students thought social media was beneficial to society.

Now as many might guess, two-thirds of the students said that they love to use social media and it helps them communicate and see what their friends are up to; however, many of the students who said they liked social media were reluctant at first to say so. Many of the students interviewed said they did not like how people were using it today.

All the students who said that they thought social media was great had the same argument: it’s great to communicate easily and catch up with friends.

Social media is a good thing because it brings people together to support someone.
— Beth Peterson
Social Media is good because it allows people to connect with others.
— Saffron Vanderpoel

There were also quite a few students who said they were undecided because they didn’t like the way some people use social media in the wrong way, for instance, bullying.

Social media is good, but it makes it very easy to bully without having to do it to their face.
— Kennedy Copiskey
Social Media is great to communicate with friends, but it can also be used in bad ways such as cyberbullying. People tend to say things on social media that they wouldn’t say face to face.
— Mckenna Keen
Social media has the potential to be beneficial or harmful. How people use it dictates their experience with it.
— Grace Ackerman

So when it comes down to it, most students agree that there are both positive and negative impacts of social media. All students love to communicate and catch up with their friends, but at the same time, do not like how easily social media can be turned into a tool used for bullying.