Students and Teachers

All students and teachers are always welcome to contribute to the newspaper or social media accounts. Cougar Nation News accepts any articles, pictures, drawings, poems, and any creative ideas you have.

If teachers would like a monthly drop off of newspapers for thier classroom, please contact us.



Dear Potential Advertiser,

We appreciate your interest in advertising with us.  Cougar Nation News publishes in print and online monthly throughout the academic school year by Centennial High School students.  We are not only a source of information for our readers, but also a forum for students to voice their views and opinions.

Cougar Nation News is an effective way for advertisers to directly reach over 2,000 students, parents, and teachers.  

Below are some facts to consider with regard to our advertising options:

Our printed rates range from $60.00-$400.00 depending on the length of the contract.

We will accept camera-ready ads, complete with your own photographs and graphics.  Please email to:

Billing occurs within two business days after each ad is published, and payment is expected within 14 days of billing notice.  A 3% per month penalty will be charged on delinquent accounts.

We sincerely hope you consider Cougar Nation News in your advertising endeavors—we want to provide you a service, and your funding is what makes us the paper we are today.


Cougar Nation News Advertising Department